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Blocked drains are a common plumbing problem normally caused by a few different reasons, one being tree roots growing in to your sewer system. Our expert plumbing service includes drain cleaning to resolve this issue for you.

Using a high pressure water jet, we can clear the system of tree roots or blockages in the line, while using a camera in conjunction with the drain clearing equipment we can ensure that the drain has been cleared effectively for the best possible result. Our plumbers work efficiently and don’t make a big mess in your house. 

We use the latest plumbing technology such as drain cameras and locators to identify the exact cause of the issue and provide the location and options for a permanent repair. 

We provide a service of roof and gutter clearing, investigating and tracking roof leaks and carrying out general repairs and maintenance on all types of roofs. Specialising in metal roofing and guttering service to suit every home.

Installation of  continuous flow color-bond guttering and down pipes, metal roofing and flashings, and polycarbonate roofing for the perfect out door area.

Burst pipe can be a major problem in your place of business or home. Pipes normally break and burst due to movement in concrete slabs, corrosion, tree roots moving copper pipes and causing them to split. 

We carry out investigations to find the source of your leaking pipe, this is done by tracing your water service and pressurising your water service to listen to where the burst pipe is, whether that be in your garden, bathroom or concrete slab. 

The pipe work is then exposed, cut out and repaired and your property left clean and tidy. 


At Advantage Plumbing we carry out renovation works with various builders and private clients. 

Moving your plumbing in bathrooms and kitchens to suit the new layout that you desire. 

Working with our customers to create the ideal space in your bathroom or kitchen to enhance your home. 

Hotwater system are an essential part of every house hold or business. We provide an option to suit every clients individual situation looking for the most efficient heating system to suit your needs.   

Specialising in repairs and install of gas storage tanks and instantaneous units, Electrical tanks and solar systems with gas or electric boosters. 

We endeavour to carry out all work to a high quality including removal of all old pipe work and heaters from site to leave your property clean and tidy.


Leaking taps and toilets can be a costly problem in your home. Advantage plumbing we can repair your leaking taps and toilets easily with no fuss. 

We do this by assessing the issue and working out the most cost effective option to suit our clients needs, whether this be replacement of taps, toilets, valves or fittings, or just a simple service and washer change, saving wasted water, time and money.